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Pousada Setubal

 6/7 night Suggested Itineraries     Porto     Lisbon 

6 night Suggested Pousada itinerary-Northfrom Porto:

(1) Pousada de Guimarães, Nossa Sra. da Oliveira is located in the medieval historical centre of Guimarães, traditionally known as the birthplace of the nation. Enjoy looking over the church steeples and ancient rooftops of this medieval city. (1 night)

(2) Pousada Vila Nova de Cerveira, D. Diniz is a boutique hotel set in a small XIII century manor house, where rooms have their own courtyards.  From the manor's old walls you have magnificent views over the river Minho. (2 nights)

(3)  Pousada de Gerês Caniçada, São Bento is a nature hotel right in the heart of Peneda/Gerês National Park. It has a breathaking view over the river Cávado and the peaceful Caniçada dam. These are landscapes to remember, while appreciating a delicious appetizer on the Pousada's terrace, looking down at the beautiful sunset reflected on the water. (1 night)

(4) Pousada Mesao Frio:  Beautiful Douro river views await you, making this a great spot to explore the Douro valley.  Helicopter tours available.  2 nights

(5) Pousada Viseu: One of the most recently converted pousadas, the setting is the former São Teotónio Hospital, which was originally opened in 1842. Atop the entrance to this majestic, imposing building, three statues, Faith, Hope and Charity, stand looking out over the old city.

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6 Night Suggested Pousada Itinerary-Lisbonfrom Lisbon:

(1) Pousada Obidos: Chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, This luxury hotel is within the centuries-old beautiful castle walls that encircle the village of Óbidos.  But book early, there are only 6 rooms!  Óbidos is known for its typical white houses with blue trim, flowered windows, narrow streets and steps paved with beautiful stone. (2 nights)

(2) Pousada Ourem, Fatima: 15 minutes from Fátima, one of Europe's main pilgrimage destinations, this historic luxury hotel was built from a cluster of medieval houses, renovated with all modern amenities. Wander through them and relive the days of old. (1 night) 

(3) Pousada Vila Vicosa:  Set in the former Convent of Chagas de Cristo in the historical village of Vila Viçosa, it features intricate themed rooms, full of legends and tales. This Pousada is a luxury hotel that has kept intact the convent cells, the retreats and the oratories built by the nuns. You can also appreciate the exquisite conventual recipes. (2 nights) 

(4) Pousada Setubal:  São Filipe's historical Pousada is installed in a fort from the late XVII century built by King Philip II of Spain (Philip I of Portugal). This historic luxury hotel has a breathtaking view over the River Sado estuary from its terrace.  The city of Setúbal is one of Portugal's main ports offering beautiful walks within the historic centre and surroundings. (1 night)

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